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Why carpet?


From a safety perspective, carpets help to reduce slips and minimise injuries not only for young children and older people, but for the whole family. 

It has been proven that the air quality of a room with fitted carpet is better than the air quality in a room with wooden, tiled or laminated wood floors.

Contrary to popular assumption, a regularly-vacuumed, clean, dry, fitted carpet helps improve the air quality by acting like a 'filter', trapping dust which would otherwise be disturbed by movement or draughts and become airborne. Provided the carpet (or 'filter') is regularly cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, it should provide this important function perfectly well for many years.

Carpets have long been recognised as the ultimate in comfort, style and luxury, with literally thousands of choices available between colours, textures and designs. 

A good quality carpet helps to reduce noise levels and provide an acoustic barrier between floors, as well as helping to insulate the room and retain warm air longer.

Many carpets are manufactured using wool, a natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable resource which is hard-wearing, long lasting, hypoallergenic, flame retardant, and retains its pile shape and height, recovering quickly from compression marks from furniture, etc. Wool carpets even regulate a room's air moisture content.


Jasen Saunders