Perimeter stick method (including spray adhesive) – 7.00€/m²

Stretch fit method (on gripper/underlay – not included) – 7.00€/m²

Stairs – 14.00€/m²

Joins extra

Double stick contract installation – 14.00€/m²


<10m² – 10.00€/m²

>10m² – 9.00€/m²

>20m² – 8.00€/m²

Carpet tiles

<10m² – 10.00€/m²

>10m² – 9.00€/m²

>20m² – 8.00€/m²

Minimum call out fitting charge – 120.00€

Think I’m too expensive? See average French artisans’ prices here 

Found someone to do it cheaper for cash, or from the UK? You may want to think twice after reading this

Out of area charge applies for customers over 20km from Plénée-Jugon

Please enquire about prices for underlay, gripper and threshold bars

If you would like to buy good quality English carpet in France I am a French agent for Cormar carpets, imported directly from the manufacturer.




One thought on “Prices

  1. Andrea Farley

    Hi Jasen, I've been given your contact details through Sarah @ Fab Flooring in the UK who supplies a guy called Steven who highly recommends you. I understand you live near Brittany. We live near Avignon & wondered if you travel that far from home & if so, could you please give me a costing to fit carpet & underlay which measures 60 sq mtrs for fitting between two adjoining rooms. I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks………… ~Andrea Farley~ Tele:-***** ****** (UK)


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